iC News - 9.30.19 w/ Sam Edwards

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Welcome to another iC News! There's a plethora of announcements and other news about the cannabis industry, but very little opinion. We've decided to change that. Every 2 weeks, our host Brandon will dive deep into timely topics and give his unvarnished, unfiltered thoughts. And this week he's brought on our first iC News guest, Sam Edwards! Sam is a cannabis expert who has judged Emerald Cups for years, advised + consulted on large-scale grower operations, and now works for a cannabis-focused investment firm. Or in his words, "I've judged the Emerald Cup for 4 years, I've grown acres of cannabis, thousands of pounds, and smoked hundreds of pounds."

Topics Discussed This Week: 
1) Vapes!!! (again!)
2) Black Market in California
3) Flawed Data in Cannabis

We're excited to share our latest iC News with all our fans. We hope you enjoy it! Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted!