Socrates Rosenfeld of iHeartJane

Socrates Rosenfeld - head shot (1).jpg

In this week's episode, Brandon welcomes Socrates Rosenfeld, co-founder and CEO of iHeartJane, to the show. Socrates was in the Army flying Apache helicopters before going to MIT (where he met his co-founders), and they started iHeartJane in 2016. iHeartJane is the largest e-commerce marketplace for online cannabis purchasing. They power dispensaries by helping them offer e-commerce shopping for their customers. They must be doing something right, because just 2 weeks ago they raised $21 million from Gotham Green and other investors in their Series B! This follows a $6 million Series A capital raise in October 2018. Socrates and his team are now well positioned and well capitalized to win the MSO's, scale nationally, and bring real e-commerce tools to millions of cannabis customers. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with Socrates and iHeartJane!