CEO John Yang of Treez


In this week’s episode, Brandon goes to Oakland to visit the Treez office to sit down with their CEO, John Yang. John and his team have built one of the top seed to sale platforms in the cannabis space. They started with the POS + retail side, but recently entered into the cultivation and manufacturing space with their acquisition of the Mister Kraken software. Couple that with their recent Series A round led by Intrinsic Capital, Treez is positioned to be one of the top companies in cannabis. Learn how John took his lessons from ERP consulting and building restaurant POS platforms to leading a team of almost 50 and raising $15 million total in capital. It took John 18 months to get his Series A lead investor on board, and you’ll learn about this struggle and more in this awesome interview. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with John of Treez!