Amy Ludlum of California Dreamin

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In this amazing episode, Brandon sits down with Amy Ludlum, CEO of California Dreamin. Amy and her team went through Y Combinator, raised $2.3 million this year, and are building one of the hottest new cannabis beverage brands. With low-dosage and fast onset times as the newest trends, California Dreamin has created a low-dose delicious soda experience with an incredibly fast onset time. Instead of the normal 45 min to an hour waiting time, California Dreamin could be consumed just like an alcoholic beverage. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with Amy of California Dreamin and the start of the cannabis beverage wars!

The Costco Model of Cannabis: Flower Company


In this awesome episode, Brandon sits down with Tony Diepenbrock, CEO of the Flower Company. Tony and his team are building a Costco model for buying direct wholesale cannabis. With prices and taxes sky high in California, consumers are looking for a better, cheaper option. With Flower Company, you can buy a yearly membership and purchase large amounts of cannabis at 30-50% cheaper prices than retail. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with Tony and the Flower Company!

Mazakali: Supporting Founders with Finance

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In this episode, Brandon sits down with Sumit Mehta of Mazakali to discuss bringing investment banking in cannabis, the state of institutional capital and incubators, and why Canada’s public markets are a gift and a curse for founders. Sumit and his team have invested in founders for years in cannabis, and bring decades of financial experience to the space. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with Sumit and Mazakali!

Caliva - Top 5 Brand in California

In this special video episode, Brandon and team head down to San Jose to check out Caliva and meet with their CEO Dennis O'Malley. Caliva is arguably the #1 dispensary and consumer brand in California. With enormous on-site cultivation, processing, packaging, etc and a beautiful retail dispensary, this company is a shining light for the industry. It's facility and team are a stunning example to Trump and Sessions on what legal cannabis can be. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with Caliva!

The New York VC World is Investing in Cannabis

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In this episode, Brandon and Jon Trauben of Altitude Investments discuss how New York finance is approaching cannabis investing. The east coast VC world has a different approach to cannabis investing, but with capital invested in BDS Analytics, Flowhub, Wurk, and Cannadescent; Altitude is following a similar strategy to the other successful early-stage funds in cannabis. Brandon and Jon dive deeper into plant touching and how that impacts LP conversations, multi-state expansion, and the frothy Canadian public markets. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with another top investor in the cannabis industry!

Private Equity and Public Exits with Cresco Capital

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In this episode, Brandon talks with Matt Hawkins of Cresco Capital about cannabis Private Equity (PE) investing, the appeal of public exits, and the changing stigma in Dallas, Texas regarding cannabis. Matt and his team have deployed over $25 million in the space in a number of investments including: Flrish Farms, Ebbu, Harvest, and Green Thumb Industries (GTI). Unlike many investors in this space, Matt and his team are not afraid to touch the plant. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with another prominent investor in the cannabis industry!

The World of Cannabis Distribution

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In this episode, Brandon dives into cannabis distribution with CEO Tim Conder of Blackbird. Tim and his team conquered the Nevada market, and now have their sights set on California. With competition rising, Tim discusses managing teams at scale,  building v buying internal tech tools, and why solving California distribution is so difficult. If you've ever wondered how products get from farm to store (or directly to you!), then tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with cannabis distribution!

The Power of Data in Cannabis (EPISODE #100!!)


We've made it to EPISODE 100! Thank you all so much for listening and watching our show.

In this extra special episode, Brandon welcomes founder Roy Bingham of BDS Analytics to the show. BDS is one of the leaders in harvesting, analyzing, and profiting off of data in the cannabis industry. Roy discusses his background in the natural food industry, raising a Series B with Canopy, and how to tackle the data challenges of California. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with BDS and the rise of big data in cannabis!

Food Safety in Cannabis with Ziel

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In this episode, Brandon welcomes Arthur de Cordova of Ziel to the show. Arthur and his team are changing the world of food safety in cannabis. With their radio frequency technology, they can process up to 100 lbs an hour of cannabis flower. This patented process actually vibrates the cannabis using it’s inherent moisture. In addition, Arthur and Brandon dive into how food safety improves a company’s bottom line, Arthur’s Wall Street background, and why remediation is so difficult with the cannabis plant. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with Ziel and food safety in cannabis!

Bastcore: The Hemp Revolution

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In this episode, Brandon welcomes John Lupien of Bastcore to the show. John and his team are disrupting the world of hemp. With their innovative decortication machine, they are taking hemp processing to a whole new level. John discusses how hemp can be used not just for apparel and other consumer goods, but also for high end processes such as oil well drilling. In addition, John dives into hemp CBD, raising capital in hemp, and how hemp will replace cotton throughout the world. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with hemp!