Cannabis Founder Stories

On September 20th, 2016 at the Oakland Museum of California, the first cannabis startup conference took place. With a focus on founders, startups, and raising capital, this event was the first of it's kind to get the tech community involved in cannabis. 

This is one of the first panels of the day, and one of the best. This panel featured founders Cy Scot of Headset, Geoff Dora of Tradiv, and Cassandra Farrington of Marijuana Business Daily

Their diverse backgrounds and experiences made this panel incredibly valuable to current and prospective cannabis founders. They gave their elevator pitch, discussed their value proposition, gave advice to aspiring founders, and added tremendous value to all who listened. We thank each of them for their incredible contributions to the industry and the ELEVATE conference. 

More content from ELEVATE to come! Tune in, listen up, get acquainted!

David Goldstein - Founder/CEO of Potbotics

In this episode, we welcome David Goldstein, founder and CEO of Potbotics. David and his company are pushing the boundaries of medical cannabis research and product development. With products like the Potbot and Brainbot, you can get an EEG to help analyze which cannabis works best with your brain. In this fascinating discussion, Brandon and David dive into the medical side of cannabis, Israel's influence in the medical community, and the future of medical cannabis in the US. Tune in, listen up, get acquainted!

GTWY|01 - Pranav Sood of Trellis

In this episode, Brandon sits down with Pranav Sood of Trellis to discuss his inventory management solution for the cannabis industry that doesn't suck . Hailing from Toronto, Pranav is another founder in the GTWY|01 class. Brandon and Pranav dive deep into his experiences raising money, customer development, and his decision to move to California to be a part of the Gateway Incubator's first class. 

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Investing in Cannabis with Ken Morrow of Trichome Technologies

In this episode of Investing in Cannabis, Ken Morrow, the Founder of Trichome Technologies, stops by to talk about his new book and his vast array of experiences in the cannabis industry. Ken has been growing cannabis for over 35 years. He also recently published his first book, “Marijuana Horticulture Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis Cultivation and Hashish Production." Ken truly is a pioneer and leader in the cannabis community. Enjoy!