The Cannabis Industry is LYING to you.

The cannabis industry is lying to you and I have been too.

The unfortunate trend is to take inferior cannabis, slap a celebrity’s name on the fancy packaging, and market it as “The finest of cannabis”. LIES! This is bad for everyone, as new consumers will naturally gravitate to a name or logo they recognize only to have a shit experience and never want to try cannabis again. This is bad for the individual brand, bad for the industry as a whole, and most importantly bad for the consumer!

For the past two years I too have been deceiving you. I have been in pursuit of the best founder stories, the potential unicorns, featuring companies that I believe could have the biggest economic impact. In some cases that meant sacrificing what’s best for consumers. LIES! No More! I will no longer promote shit products simply to be nice, because the main investor is a friend, or because the founder has an interesting back story. See, there is this phenomenon happening in the industry, where all the “insiders” so badly want cannabis to become a legitimate part of life, that they are afraid to speak ill of any other cannabis products. High tides do raise all boats, but nobody wants to hang out on a shitty boat.  

Every week companies send me new products to sample (Thank you!). Some of these are FANTASTIC and most of them are HORRIBLE. All products are simply not created equally.

At infused, we are focused on what’s best for consumers, so we’ve decided to bring you the truth. HONEST reviews that focus on value and experience over marketing and fancy packaging. Oh, and the reviews are also pretty damn funny. We hope they make you laugh and more importantly help you make more informed buying decisions.

Death to shitty products!

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