Why are we Rebranding?


As some of you already know, 'Investing in Cannabis' becomes 'infused' this week. We are rebranding for a few key reasons I'd like to share with all you beautiful people.

  1. We have outgrown the investing theme. Everyone that is interested in early stage cannabis investing watches our show today. I don't say this to stroke our own egos; It turns out this is a pretty small group made up of mainly investors and founders. Fewer casual consumers found our hardcore fund raising conversations compelling, so with infused it will be less of what's good for investors and founders and more of what is best for you, the consumer. We have released increasingly broader content over the last few months, and you can expect more on-location, lifestyle documentary style shows from infused.
  2. Keyword algorithms are killing us. We believe having the word 'cannabis' in our name is holding us back on fb, insta, YouTube, SEO and everywhere else that has silly cannabis keyword policies. We also hope now that we no longer have a naughty word in our name, we will finally be able to spend some advertising dollars and promote content (the 'boost post' button haunts me in my sleep!). 
  3. Cultural and legal shifts in the industry have normalized the concept of investing in cannabis. When we started iC almost two years ago, people were far less accepting of cannabis as an industry and as a possible place to plop their money. It was taboo and thus a subject we really wanted to dive into. Cannabis has now been infused into our everyday lives. It's everywhere around us; on billboards, the side of buses, on our TVs. However, all cannabis products and services are not created equally. We see it as our new mission to educate and entertain mindful consumers with products and services worthy of your discerning attention. infused introduces you to experiences that push the boundaries of stereotypical cannabis. In the coming months we will feature real world stories of how cannabis integrates with life's most import issues; health, entertainment, dating, parenting, art, and of course business. You can still expect a healthy dose of startups. 

infused launches it's first monthly documentary on Friday 3/31. The first episode will surround wellness and how cannabis can improve your health. These 10-12 documentaries per year will be accompanied by weekly casual advice on products and experiences that will help improve your life, with cannabis. 

Welcome to Life+ 

note: don't get too used to written content. We like video.